MATLAB routines for analyzing AO vision experiments

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MATLAB routines for analyzing AO vision experiments. These files were developed in the lab of Austin Roorda.


  1. Open MATLAB as an administrator.

  2. Change directory into AOVIS_toolbox:

cd AOVIS_toolbox
  1. Run install.m. This will add AOVIS_toolbox and two dependencies onto your MATLAB path.

The toolbox is now installed.


Functions can be called following a dot notation, e.g. delivery.add_delivery_error();


The code contained in +light_capture was first developed by Will Tuten. Some of the functions in +vid, +cone_select and +img were provided by Ramkumar Sabesan. Wolf Harmening developed the original vid.computetca program, which has been lightly modified here for use with the current system in the Roorda lab. The UW toolbox was developed in the labs of Geoff Boynton and Ione Fine.